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型號(PratNumber) ETA4056S2G
數量(QTY.) 18000
廠家(Brand) 鈺泰
封裝(Package) SOT23-6
批號(DC.) 20+
聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680


ETA4056E8A      ESOP8

ETA4056D2I      DFN2X2-8

ETA4056D6I      DFN2X3-8

ETA4056S2G    S0T23-6


        ETA4056  is a single cell, fully integrated constant current(cc)/constant voltage 

(cv) Li-ion battery charger. Its compact package with minimum external Components  

requirement makes the ETA4056 ideal for portable applications, No external sense 

resistor or blocking diode is necessary for the ETA4056. Build-in thermal feedback 

mechanism regulates the charge current to control the die temperature during 

highpower operation or at elevated ambient temperature. The ETA4056 has a pre-

charge function for trickle charging deeply discharged batteries. The fast charge 

current can be programmed by an external resistor, CV regulation mode is 

automatically enabled once the batterys charging curve reaches the constant voltage 


型號(PartNumber) 數量(QTY.) 廠家(Brand) 封裝(Package) 批號(DC.) 描述(Description) PDF
ETA1039 30000 ETA SOT23-6 最新 ETA1039S2G 常備現貨!
MSCD054H 15000 ZOWIE SOD-323 最新 MSCD054H ZOWIE 一級授權代理商,熱銷!
G5517R51U 15000 GMT TQFN4X4-24 最新 G5517R51U
MM3513D01NRH 24000 MITSUMI SOT-25A 最新 MM3513D01NRH MITSUMI 原裝正品,最新批次詳細規格書請電話聯系!
KBP410G 75000 ZOWIE KBP 最新 4A/1000V 整流橋 ZOWIE品牌,現貨熱銷!
VL822-Q7 9000 VIA QFN-76 最新 VL822-Q7 VL822-Q8VIA Lab’s VL822 is USB 3.1 Gen